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Loops 13

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"Quantum gravity aims at unifying Einstein's vision of space-time as a dynamical object with the realization that fundamental physics and hence space-time has to be quantum. This opens up a large variety of research questions and directions, which range from foundational physical issues having to do with the nature of space and time, to current searches for experimental signatures of quantum spacetime.

This conference, which is part of the series of Loops conferences, will present and review recent progress and highlights in loop quantum gravity and other quantum gravity approaches. We will focus mainly on background independent approaches which are approaches that do not depend on perturbation theory formulated in a classical background.

Plenary talks will highlight the most important recent developments in quantum gravity research. Afternoon (parallel) sessions are open to contributed talks and will be focussed on particular topics or subfields and give room for discussions, exchange of ideas and a critical assessment of open questions.

The conference will bring quantum gravity researchers from all over the world together and we also hope to share the excitement of quantum gravity research with participants from other research fields." ---- http://www.perimeterinstitute.ca/conferences/loops-13


Videos of talks are available at

http://pirsa.org/C13029 or http://www.perimeterinstitute.ca/video-library/collection/loops-13

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