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COSMO 2013

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"The seventeenth edition of the annual International Conference on Particle Physics and Cosmology - COSMO 2013 - was held at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology, Cambridge, UK in the week of September 2-6, 2013.

The COSMO series is one of the major venues of interaction between cosmologists and particle physicists. The year 2013 being the year of the first release of cosmological results from the Planck satellite, it was more important than ever to encourage such interactions between the fields. COSMO 13 had an excellent line-up of plenary speakers. Some of the topics discussed at COSMO included:

  • Results from the Planck satellite
  • Results from the Large Hadron Collider
  • The large-scale structure of the Universe
  • Cosmic acceleration
  • String cosmology
  • Primordial cosmology
  • Numerical cosmology
  • Particle astrophysics
  • Dark matter
[From the conference's website.]
Videos of talks can be found at

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