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41 Breakthrough research produces brighter, more efficiently produced lighting 3229
42 Researchers produce the first experimental pulse-generation of a single electron—a leviton 3610
43 NASA laser communication system sets record with data transmissions to and from Moon 3077
44 What’s Inside a Black Hole’s Horizon? 4315
45 Maxwell’s Knots 3863
46 A Grand Unified Theory of Exotic Superconductivity? 3466
47 Giấc ngủ sẽ giúp giải quyết các chất thải cho não bộ 3341
48 Chương trình hỗ trợ công bố công trình khoa học quốc tế 3900
49 Researchers discover new form of 12-sided quasicrystal 3937
50 New material gives visible light an infinite wavelength 4052
51 Carbon's new champion: Theorists calculate atom-thick carbyne chains may be strongest material ever 3978
52 The Nobel Prize in Physics 2013 4302
53 A first: Stanford engineers build computer using carbon nanotube technology 4352
54 Carbon nanotube logic device operates on subnanowatt power 4674
55 Understanding a new kind of magnetism 4004
56 Nanocrystal catalyst transforms impure hydrogen into electricity 3552
57 Microbial battery: Team uses 'wired microbes' to generate electricity from sewage 4390
58 Graphene could yield cheaper optical chips 4289
59 [Wonderful story] Astrophysics: Fire in the hole! 5491
60 After touch screens, researchers demonstrate electronic recording and replay of human touch 3833

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